Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretty Cupcakes Concortion Made In America

Whenever we visit our friends in Hong Kong, it's always extremely difficult to find sovenirs from America that we can bring as gifts to our foreign hostesses. Everything we pick up here in the U.S., whether it's a hoodie that has a "San Francisco" logo or a snowglobe that has the entire city of Manhattan encased inside, they are always made in China. The sad part is, we can often find these "made-in-China" American noveltiey in China's popular auction website (equavilent to our ebay here) "Taobao", or some corner street in Hong Kong where vendors are soliciting sales at "2 San Francisco hoodies for US$10"...

I think next time we go visit our dear Chinese friends in Hong Kong, we are going to bring these cupcake mixes, cause as of now, it's strictly an American cupcake mix that is concocted in Beverly Hills. They are the local flavors from the popular cupcake shop Sprinkles and they come in several of the shop's best-selling flavors, all lovely packaged and easy to assemble. Finally, we find our perfect made-in-America sovenirs and are able to bring some American cupcakes fun to our Chinese friends. Available at Williams Sonoma $14.

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